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Before reqruiting people you need to see whether the person is just joining the company because of salary or he/she also believes in the vision of the company.

1) Before hiring a person you need to check by analyzing the person who you’re hiring has skills and is good in skills which are required for that position. It’s not a good idea to always hire people if they have good resumes only.

2) When you are hiring first time you always need to hire your opposing quality.

3) Hire two people for a specific work if you have enough resources, hiring two people helps both of them to compete with each other and keep pushing eachother because both of them can realize that their boss has the 2 people to compare between with similar job.

4) Higher the people who believes in your company’s values and culture.

5) Hire people who fits the company culture even if they are very talented but don’t fit the culture and you think you can't shift them to fit the company culture then don’t hire those people.

6) Keep testing them in small things then trust them for something bigger.

7) Make a system where you can teach them how to handle different situation like pressure, crisis or emergency.

8) Make a system to have them accountable to all their actions.

9) Make a system through which they can measure their progress in their work so that they can know their progress and the percentage of goals which they have achieved over what period of time in their job.

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