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The following are the ways which helps a person to retain more information from a conversation or meeting or at any place.

1) Interest

The reason why we remember something is because whether we are interested in it or not. Different people are able to remember different things in life very fast.

The human brain retains the information which is interesting to it or which affects it.

2) Repetition

When a person repeat something over and over then he/she is able to get those thoughts or words into their subconscious mind which is like a memory of the brain, thoughts, habits.

3) Association

If a person wants to retain something, he/she can remember it by associating it with something else in their mind.

For Example: Love means Mother, Hard Work means success. These are some associations people have in their mind normally.

4) Imagination

A person is able to retain something about which they have visualised in their mind. We humans are able to remember a picture more than words. As the quoted, “ A picture worths a thousand words”. Also according to scientists when we visualize or imagine something or when we do that thing in reality then also in our mind, almost the same parts work in our brain during visualising something or seeing it in reality.

5) Debating

Debating helps in retaining more information because when you debate something with open-minded people not with those who just wonna win everything then you are able to know different opinions and opposing opinions and perspectives.

6) Share

Sharing information with other people helps you to re-remind yourself with the information thus creating repetition and leading you to remember it properly.

7) Teach

Teaching to other people what you know helps you to again re-remind yourself thus leading to repetition. There’s a difference between sharing and teching.

8) Implement

When we implement what learn then we come out with new questions to ask and this also increase our curiosity towards the subject and increase our interest towards it, also it’s creating repetition.

9) Energy

High energy helps us to be interested in a subject or task, people with low energy are lazy and when you are lazy then you are not interested in a subject or task.

10) Focus

The more focused you are the more productive and efficient you are.

If you will take a knife and a round pipe and with equal pressure you put it into the soil, then a knife will go deeper into the soil because the surface area or focus of knife is sharper or smaller than that of the pipe. Same with human focus, if we are focus on too many things at the same time then we won’t be able to grow or learn in depth anything.

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